Re-Elect Sheriff
Tony Skinner

While I believe the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office has made great strides during my first term as Sheriff, there is still much work to be done.  I am again asking for your vote to be your Delaware County Sheriff.


For the past 26 years I have dedicated my professional life to protecting the citizens of Delaware County with honor and integrity.  In 2018 you gave me the distinction of electing me to be your Delaware County Sheriff.   That was the greatest privilege of my professional career.  Since then the Sheriff’s Office has made great strides at becoming more responsive to the citizens in which we serve, a more professional agency and a department that is fully accountable to the duties and responsibilities that our community expects.

Moving forward into a second term, these are some of the things I want to concentrate on achieving:

  • Continuing to work on treatment programs within the jail to help inmates who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.  It’s been a struggle to get these programs off the ground in the past few years, but I am committed to this effort.
  • Pursuing and arresting large scale drug dealers in Delaware County.  Since re-organizing the Muncie / Delaware County Drug Task Force we have made significant strides in bringing cases against drug dealers and getting convictions on these individuals.  This has a direct impact on your safety and the quality of life you experience in your community.
  • Pay raises for our deputies and corrections officers. We continue to lose well-trained and highly qualified deputies to other law enforcement agencies because our pay scale is not competitive to smaller or similar sized departments as ours.
  • Continue to utilize available bed space in our jail to house out of county inmates. This is a way to offset pay raises, as well as generate much needed revenue for Delaware County.
  • Continue to increase the amount and level of training our deputies receive. Even as one of the most highly trained Sheriff’s Offices in the State of Indiana, I still believe we can achieve more.  It has been proven that a well-trained department results in fewer uses of force, fewer lawsuits against the county, and a better overall product for the citizens in which they serve.

About Tony Skinner

I started my career with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in 1995 as a corrections officer. After being hired as a merit deputy the following year I spent the next 22 years serving in nearly every division on our department until getting elected Sheriff in 2018. My life has been dedicated to law enforcement, community service and servant leadership.

My wife, April, and I have been married for nearly 20 years and have two children, LT and Lauren, two grandchildren, Layken and Loxley and two dogs, Myles and Marley. I am an active member of my church as well as an active Freemason. I spend any free time that I have traveling with my family, attending high school athletic events, golfing, fishing, hunting or teaching firearms classes. I want to thank you for the support you have shown me and I look forward to serving another four years as your Delaware County Sheriff.

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