Tony Skinner was in attendance at the Indiana Black Expo Parade

The Indiana Black Expo Parade was held this past weekend. Tony Skinner was there with his supporters meeting the citizens along the parade route. They passed out candy, balloons and other goodies to the children.

Tony will be seen all over the county in the coming months.  He will be in local parades along with other venues. If you want to know where Tony will be next, be sure to check out our events calendar on the webpage. You can access it here at . Be sure to book mark it.  Also, if you would like to walk in a parade to help support Tony, it is always appreciated and we have a great time!

If you are interested in helping with our campaign efforts, go to our contact page on the website. You can let us know if you want to walk in a parade, have a sign in your yard, or put any of your thoughts in the comments section and we will respond as soon as possible. We are 100 days away from election day in Delaware County. We are excited about how our campaign has progressed, and every day we get more support from the community. We are always happy to see more people getting involved.

Check out the Tony Skinner for Sheriff Facebook page to see more pictures of Tony along the parade route. We hope to have you along side us at the next parade!!!